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Stay Safe During A Wet Winter

Ensuring the safety of others is a primary responsibility of security officers. Our officers work closely with fire department, paramedics and police. Your safety, the safety of our employees, of our clients and their tenants are of vital concern to us. That’s why we asked our Safety Director, Steve Martinez, to provide some important safety […]

What Makes a Company Great?

At GSI our objective with every account is to exceed expectations. To accomplish that, it is imperative that we meet the needs of our employees, especially our officers.
Building a culture and environment that allows our employees to flourish and that shows appreciation is vital to our overall success. We use three primary vehicles to accomplish this within our workforce.

Bespoke Security Solutions That Exceed Expectations

Which would you prefer? To own a suit that came off the rack or to own one that was custom made to fit you perfectly?  Of course, a custom-tailored suit is always preferable. The same should apply when it comes to the services we receive. Instead of settling for generic services that are a general […]

GSI’s New Partnership At Skyview Center

We are very excited to announce our new partnership at Skyview Center. We are ecstatic to be partnering on what is now our second commercial building with Colliers International, as we further penetrate the commercial high-rise vertical market in Southern California. As with all our clients, we are dedicated to making the partnership a success […]

Why Strive For More Than Just Customer Satisfaction

On an average day, how many businesses do you interact with? Researchers from City, University of London, the Technical University of Denmark, and Sony Mobile Communications published a study in “Nature Human Behaviour” that found people visit an average of 25 places per day. Why is that important for managers to know? Well, think about […]

GSI’s New Partnership At Terramor

We are very happy to announce that the Terramor community HOA has awarded GSI with another new contract. Terramor is a new gated community and a gorgeous development of upscale homes in Temescal Valley. When complete, it will include six neighborhoods and a total of 1,443 homes. Four of the neighborhoods are designed for adults […]

GSI’s New Partnership At Lakeside Villas

We are excited to announce that Guard-Systems, Inc. has been awarded the security contract for Lakeside Villas, a 240-unit townhome development located in Culver City. Since Monday, June 4th, GSI has been securing the gated entrance and providing 24-hour security for the Lakeside Villas community. A resort-style development, the grounds contain several running streams, a man-made […]

So You Need CCTV, Huh?

Selecting the right CCTV system for your building can be tricky. Building managers often don’t realize the complicated back-end required to run the ecosystem for these cameras. As an end-user of CCTV cameras, there are a ton of issues that can crop up when you are trying to set up or manage a system. Understand […]

Why GSI Makes Employee Recognition A Priority

Our people… our strength. That’s not just a cool tagline. It’s a motto to live by because a company is only as good as the people that represent it. At GSI we employ hundreds of guards. Each one has a different story.  Many are career minded security professionals looking to work with a fast growing […]