Why More Officers Prefer Working With GSI

Guard-Systems, Inc., has a reputation for being a great workplace that genuinely cares about its employees. GSI believes in providing extensive training for employees, along with open communication and 24/7 support, to ensure that employees have the tools needed to provide excellent service to clients. When employees have the proper training and support, those employees can provide the kind of service that GSI is known for.

GSI would like to recognize three employees who demonstrate the benefits that go along with working at GSI – opportunity, support, and flexibility.

Outstanding Opportunity For Growth

Tatyumma Lee is a fantastic example of an employee who has taken advantage of every opportunity to succeed. Tatyumma has been with the company for approximately 4 years and started as a regular patrol officer. She was quickly promoted to supervisor, and one of her goals is to always look for ways to grow and improve. She views her role at GSI as a lifetime role, not just a job and believes that a key to her success is working for a smaller company that values its employees. GSI rewards employees for hard work and has numerous opportunities for advancement. Tatyumma has listened to the advice of her mentors, and she understands the importance of communicating with the rest of her team. She attributes some of her success to great leadership and support from management.

Amazing Support

Daniel Pimmentel demonstrates just how important it is for employees to have the proper support. He’s been with GSI for approximately 2 years and was previously a supervisor with a different security company. Daniel believes that GSI has better communication with employees and clients, along with better opportunities, and GSI knows how to guide employees to become better. He is now in charge of his own account, and he believes the knowledge that his team will always be there to support him is a key to his success. His superiors have given him suggestions to use in mentoring other employees, and GSI provides excellent training, along with a full team to help each employee the entire way.

True Flexibility

Edgar Gonzalez has shown the importance of flexibility, and that GSI is willing to work with employees to arrive at solutions. Edgar enjoys being busy and having contact with people, but his initial assignment at GSI was not a great fit. However, he showed that he is a dependable employee and is a valued asset for the company. After a time, he was moved to a different assignment, which was a good fit that challenged him. Edgar currently serves as a field manager with the corporate office, and he excels at training security officers. He has a skill for teaching guards to quickly assess situations, helping them understand how to best handle situations without escalating them, and helping maintain goodwill within each community. He always trains officers to be confident in themselves and to treat every person with dignity and respect. Edgar proved his worth by managing a difficult situation to the best of his ability. He accommodated clients and adjusted to that less than favorable post.

It’s very difficult to place a value on good employees, and this is why GSI places such an emphasis on training. Security companies often have very high turnover rates, but GSI has a reputation for retention of employees. Security officers are often the first people visitors see when entering a property, and GSI focuses on customer service, teaching employees to listen and have empathy for others GSI ensures that there is always good support in place for both employees and clients. Good employees are the key to providing this type of customer service, and it’s important to recognize employees that go above and beyond.