Career Opportunities – Our People Our Strength!

We highly value the people who work with us.

A lot of time, energy and expense goes into finding, hiring, placing and training the right people.

Need A Guard Card?

No problem! We have an in-house program to provide training and guard cards for qualified candidates.

It is in our best interest and our customers best interest that we retain the valuable employees that join our team.

In order to achieve that, we consistently pay higher than average wages for our industry and provide a full benefits plan for all employees. These benefits help GSI to maintain a lower turnover percentage than the industry average, and better trained personnel for our customers.

Security officers are provided the following benefits:

  • Medical Benefits
  • Free Life Insurance $15,000
  • 401(k) Plan (Management Only)
  • Competitive Vacation Benefits
  • Dental and Vision Insurance at Low-Cost
  • Employee Recognition Awards and Incentives
  • Safety and Attendance Bonuses
  • Holiday Premium Pay
  • Bi-weekly Pay
  • Free Uniforms

Yes, We’re Hiring!

We care about the people who work for us. That’s why Guard Systems has the lowest turnover rate in the industry. Join our team to get above industry pay and benefits.

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“I have accomplished more with Guard Systems in 1 year than I did in 15 years with ADP”

Fabian Westmore
Fabian WestmoreSecurity Director, Skyview Center Guard Systems Inc.

“GSI is a huge difference from other security companies that don’t care about us. At GSI, an officer feels appreciated. They are always checking in on us. Telling us that we are doing a great job.”

Olivia Bradley
Olivia Bradley Post CommanderGuard Systems Inc

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