What’s The Best Approach To Growth?

The Best Approach To Growth

What is the best way to acquire new business? That’s a question every business must answer. Often executives look to advertising or mergers and acquisitions for the answer, but here is a novel idea.

Instead of focusing on shortcuts, focus on service delivery. Take an honest look at what the competition is doing. Identify the major pain points and solve them.

This is the approach we have been using and it’s been working great! Now we don’t have to go out and fight to get through the door because we let our reputation do the work for us.

This month alone, we are adding three large, luxury communities to our portfolio. Our approach has allowed us to exponentially grow the number of accounts we service.

  • Action Property Management: In less than 2 years, we have added several Action Property Management communities to our portfolio including 2 this month! Oceanaire which overlooks the beautiful Santa Monica coast & Vero HOA in Los Angeles.
  • Seabreeze Management Company: In 4 years we have gone from providing security for just 1 community to several, including their most prestigious community which is the Marina City Club.
  • First Services Residential: In 1 ½ years, we have added 4 major properties with First Services Residential. We are beginning a new contract on our 5th property, Oak Valley Tournament in Beaumont on April 1st.

A common scenario that facilitates growth

This is a common scenario that we have seen as a result of our approach to market growth. A property manager becomes dissatisfied with their security provider and starts asking colleagues who they are using for security. When one of the general managers, we partner with, is asked, we get a glowing review from a trusted source.

By focusing on our service delivery, we don’t have to go around telling general managers how great we are. That’s what everyone else is doing, and believe me, they have heard it all before.

Our credibility is much stronger when they hear our praises from another property manager who works for the same company.

Growth comes by focusing on the right thing

The companies listed above, are just a few of the property management companies we have grown with. Our approach does not work as quickly as going out and buying up another company to acquire its portfolio of business. However, it’s more stable because companies that buy out other companies, buy their problems as well.

Shuffling clients around from one company to another is not the answer. If a company focuses on mergers and acquisitions rather than service delivery, they usually deliver mediocre service at best.

Often, they try to increase profits by cutting expenses. That means reducing managerial support which is a huge mistake in my opinion. When managers are overwhelmed, they can’t respond to the needs of the property managers they service.

Honestly, no company operates flawlessly, especially in the security industry because people are imperfect. Things happen, but when problems arise, clients deserve to have issues addressed promptly.

By focusing on our service delivery, we have developed an approach that is a win for everyone involved.

  • Tenants and property managers win because they get high-quality service that exceeds their expectations.
  • The property management company wins because we cater our services to meet their specific needs and win them praise from the HOA.
  • The HOA wins because they have fewer problems to deal with and get a reliable security program backed by a company that is responsive to their needs.
  • We win because we can focus on our officers and maintaining a stellar reputation. We don’t have to spend much on marketing, but whatever we do for marketing is powerful because it is backed by our service delivery.

This approach can help any company to grow. It requires diligence and hard work, but it’s worth it. Plus, it’s the right thing to do. In a world where so many people are looking for a shortcut or quick fix, a company can stand out by delivering high-quality service. That’s a real competitive advantage and it’s what our clients deserve.